Tuesday, October 1, 2013

taco fever.

I took a sneak peak at the dinning section in tomorrow's New York Times and it's an issue all about Tacos.  


The boy likes to joke with me that we are part Mexican due to the fact that we eat tacos with such regularity. It is true that we eat tacos a lot, more then most, mostly because I can't get enough of them.  Tacos are easy. They are handheld packages that can be stuffed with any and every variety of filling. Spaghetti squash, black beans, carnitas, skirt steak, fish, cheese, the list goes on. They are a complete meal and an absurdly satisfying meal.  Tacos are comforting.  Tacos, second only to pizza are my favorite food.  

Good tacos are hard to find.  Some are so overly stuffed it's impossible to bring taco to mouth without filling landing on your lap.  Some are too delicate and cute that eating them feels wrong.  But some tacos are glorious.  The tortilla encases the perfect amount of filling, there is hot sauce a plenty to pour on top.  It's a perfect 4 bite affair.  

The best taco I had as of late was at Los Tacos No. 1 in the Chelsea Market.  Their adobada quesadilla was an un-tradional quesadilla that was served open face.  It was salty and sweet and the kind of thing all tacos should be but few rarely are.  

If you can't make it too the Chelsea Market, there are more taco recipes on this blog then should be allowed. Take your pick, you wont be disappointed.  Now I'm off to figure out when our next taco night will be.  

chipotle chicken, corn, and avocado tacos.
fish tacos with peppadew tartar sauce.
spaghetti squash and black bean tacos with queso fresco.
tacos al carbon.
tacos with carnitas and pineapple salsa.
tacos with chroizo and potatoes. 

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