Friday, May 10, 2013

new at the market.

Today marked the (official) arrival of spring for me since asparagus were finally at the farmer's market.  Nothing says spring like them.  I see a shaved asparagus pizza in my future as well as a slew of other dishes.  

Rhubarb was also found! Rhubarb if you are unfamiliar with it is a tart and crunchy vegetable that is traditionally used in sweet dishes.  I love rhubarb jam and strawberry rhubarb pie but I am envisioning this first crop to be used for a compote for a yogurt panna cotta (reminiscent of the one I had a Baco Mercat) and also in a muffin.  

Spring garlic looks like a scallion but don't be fooled because it is not a scallion!  This is garlic before the bulb is formed.  It's milder and sweeter and delicious   You can eat it raw on salads but it would also be wonderful on top of pizza (but really what isn't wonderful on pizza).

Last but not least I finally got my hands on some ramps.  I've been searching for them for a while now and low and behold I found them at the Union Square Greenmarket this morning.  The ramp pizza the entire food blog world raves about will finally be something I can make.  Words can't describe my excitement.  

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