Wednesday, November 14, 2012

on love and moving and kitchens.

If you ever wanted to know if the person you are dating/married to/have a crush on is meant to be, I highly suggest having your apartment flood, loosing the vast majority of your possessions,  moving into a friends apartment where you sleep on a pull out couch in the living room, and then be forced to make a series of very big decisions very quickly.  It also helps if one of you is super frugal and the other is super frivolous, one of you is keen on aesthetics and the other is keen on practicality, and one is incredibly impatient and quick with things and the other is a little more slow and steady.  I guarantee there will be several screaming matches where one ends up crying and the other ends up sulking.  It will be hell - you will both go with out sleep and when you can sleep you wont be able to as you mind will be racing with a list of 1000 things that need to be done.  But, I guarantee if you are meant to be with this person that during this whole ordeal you will find something to laugh about - and not just giggle about, but have a great big belly laugh about, and tears will fall down your face from laughing so hard, and then maybe your better half will hold your hand and kiss your nose and tell you he loves you and you will remember why you are with this person and why you love them so much.  

I can't wait to move into a new home with the boy and cook in a chic-ly messy kitchen like this.  

Image via Pinterest.  

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