Tuesday, October 23, 2012

amour fou for pumpkin hard apple cider.

My squash/pumpkin obsession is also apparent in my seasonal drink of choice which is Docs Draft Pumpkin Hard Apple Cider. I have spent much of the past two weeks visiting practically every beer distributor in the NY/NJ area and buying as many bottles as I can fit in my reusable tote (which means we have a stockpile that should last us through Thanksgiving).  If you do find it at a Whole Foods (they seem to be a good source especially the one in Tribeca) or another beer shop, consider yourself lucky because I've made every attempt to purchase every bottle in the city. Be forewarned this stuff is highly addictive. (So addictive that you may find yourself searching for distributors near your parents house when you worry the city is sold out.  Not that I did this or anything.)

I realized I may also love it because of its gold foil lid. I do have a slight love affair with gold.

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