Wednesday, July 4, 2012

maine vacation.

 I’ve spent the last several days up in Maine with my better half gorging on lobster rolls, taking long drives through farm land, swimming in lakes with puppies, wearing cut-offs and nude sandals, eating freshly picked strawberries, antiquing for gold jewelry, watching the most beautiful thunderstorms, and celebrating our anniversary with dinner at Miyake in Portland (a must go!).    

1 - Scarborough Lobster for lobster and crab rolls
2 - Freshly picked strawberries from a roadside market.
3,4 - Stanley Pond
5 - Portland Lobster Company
6 - Miyake in Portland, Maine - Snails in Anchovy Butter and Red Pepper Flakes.
7 - Miyake in Portland, Maine - Lobster Roll
8 - Drive back from Portland, Maine
9 - Rope Swing!
10,11 - Lobster and Crab Roll from Scarborough Lobster

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