Friday, December 5, 2014

holiday wish list - 2014 edition.

I feel rather silly creating a 2014 Holiday wish list.  This year has been rather amazing and it has left me feeling so incredibly lucky. I got the best gift ever this year - an awesome wedding (that fulfilled every single one of my wedding fantasies) and an equally awesome husband.  What more could a girl need?

But if you know me, you know there are always things my little heart desires, so here is my 2014 wishlist.  It is filled with some practical items, some impractical items, and a whole slew of beautiful items.  

1 - Le Labo Fig 15 Candle - Candles are something I rarely buy myself mostly because it seems like a silly purchase.  But lately I have been super into them.  I love the subtle scent they give off, I love how they add the perfect amount of Parisan-chicness to your home.  I love how lounging in bed reading a book instantly feels more sophisticated with a candle lit.  This one is in no means cheap, but with a fantastic scent, and a 65 hour burn time, it's totally worth it.  (This fig one we currently have and it is equally awesome.  

2 - Hand Painted Dinner Plate - I don't need to tell you that we just got a slew of dinner plates (we did just get married after all).  But these plates are so damm beautiful.  I love the idea of having just a couple of them interspersed with some plain plates on a dinner table.  Mis-matched has never looked so beautiful.  (Now I just need an actual dinning room and dinner table...)  

3 - Heart Tea Towel - Completely unusual, an awesome conversation starter, and surprisingly practical. Pretty much my dream present.  And if hearts aren't your thing there is a whole slew of other prints in the shop.  

4- Dark Milk with Flor de Sal Chocolate - I've tried a lot of chocolate bars in my life but this one is the one that consistently makes me weak in the knees. It's smooth and creamy, with a small hint of fruit and a touch of salt.  Best eaten slowly in sweat pants.  I'll take 4 bars please.  

5- Marled Socks - Handmade in Vermont, these are my go to socks for lazy weekends spent at home. Thick and warm without making your feet sweat.  I can't get enough of them.  

6 - The Homesick Texan's Family Table - My list wouldn't be complete without one cookbook.  The original Homesick Texan Cookbook is my go-to for tex-mex comfort food and her new book has gotten equally awesome reviews which means it deserves a place on my shelf.  Expect this to be the winter of tex-mex.  

7 - The White Mustache Yogurt - A year's supply of this yogurt in Sour Cherry.  I am addicted.  Can be found at Murray's Cheese and when you go to buy it you will probably find me purchasing all of the ones they have available.  BEST YOGURT EVER.  

8 - Raccoon Ornament - Every year we add a new ornament to our tree, this year's pick is this raccoon which is utterly comical and totally us (and equally reminiscent of our wedding cake topper).    

9 - Thermometer - There is a Roll-Royce of thermometers in this world and while I wouldn't mind having that one, I will hapilly take it's cheaper cousin.  This one has gotten really incredible reviews and at a fraction of the price, it's pretty much the perfect stocking stuffer.  But if you do want to buy me the fancy version (and I would love that too), you can get it here

10 - Prosecco Glasses - These are beautiful, unique, and utterly special.  I prefer stemless glasses (less likely to tip!) and have yet to see some that really seem celebration-worthy.  The fact that these are hand-blown so no two are alike makes them even more irresistible.  And while we are at it, feel free to throw in a bottle of sparkling rose so we can toast to a New Year.

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