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a 2016 christmas wishlist.

The Best Garlands We’ve Ever Seen via @domainehome:

Over the last couple of weeks I debated over putting together a Christmas wishlist.  Since buying a home I've developed a strong aversion to things/stuff unless...

1 - The item is insanely practical.
2 - It literally makes my heart skip a beat.   

So needless to say, Christmas which is all about (mostly) impractical objects wrapped in shinny boxes, is leaving me feeling a wee-bit overwhelmed.   Tyler is probably thrilled to hear about this.   

Tyler and I will be gifting to each other a weekend away in January (location TBD) and will be donating to some charities that are going to be negatively impacted by the presidency of you know who (also known as the man who can't-stop-tweeting about things that should be a non-priority TO THE PRESIDENT ELECT).   

Over the last couple of months, I've kept a running list of things our new home needs so without further ado, this is all I (and our home) wants for Christmas.  

1 - A Milk Frother - I previously owned one but it saw it's demise during the great flood of 2012 (i.e. Hurricane Sandy).  I never replaced it because I thought to myself  "you don't really need this" but then when I was home for Thanksgiving my dad made me coffee with frothed milk and it was so much better then coffee without frothed milk.  So yeah, now I want one again.    

2 - A Dust Buster - Asking for this makes me feel as if I'm 50 but yes, I want a dust buster.  We don't have the need for a full-fledged vacuum since the majority of our home is hardwood, but a dust buster for sucking up dust bunnies and pet hair is something we need.  This one fits the bill nicely.   

3 - More Serving Utensils - Tyler and I hosted our first official-large scale holiday soiree this past weekend and it made me realize we could benefit from a couple of more serving utensils.  Keeping with the theme of our apartment, I want them in brass!

4 - Dusters (big and little) - Our apartment is like a dust magnet.  I'm not sure if it's due to us being on the 4th floor or something else but there is so much dust.  We've been using the Swiffer to clean but it just feels so wasteful.  A real old-fashioned duster that can be cleaned and used again and again seems like the perfect solution.   (Big duster also be found here.)

5 - An Angora Beanie - Yes, this is an expensive hat.  When I tried it on, I said to myself this is really nice but you don't really need it.  And yes, I don't really need it, but I can't stop thinking about it.  It's the first hat that I've tried on and just really loved.  The color's great, it's soft, and it actually looks good!  In the winter, you're bundled up and all anyone ever sees's is your jacket and your hat so you might as well wear a really good hat.  

6 - A Garlic Press - I love garlic but I hate mincing it.  Especially for salad dressings since it takes forever to mince it small enough that you don't feel as if you are eating pieces of raw garlic.  This press gets rave reviews from the team over at Serious Eats and for that reason I want it.   

7 - A Quartz Co. Parka - Since adopting Jackson, Tyler and I have spent a lot of time outdoors at the dog park or on walks which has made me realize I really need a nice warm jacket.  I love this one. It's warm, stylish, and Made in Canada.  It costs a lot, but its a jacket you have forever and that makes it worth it.  (Oh and my color choice?  Olive grey (size medium).)   

8 - Soom Tahini - I asked for it last year and I'm asking for it again.  It's the world's best tahini and I need more of it.

9 - A Natural Sheepskin Rug - I've been obsessed with this rug for a while since the tan color feels so different then the white rugs you see everywhere.  It would look great thrown over our chair in the living room and will make everything feel that much more cozy.   

Other random items of interest - a gift certificate for Anson Mills (so I can buy more oats), socks, and Trader Joe's chocolate covered mint faux-oreos (they are awesome). 
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