Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Houseplant Trends Calathea:

I've been making an effort to clean out the kitchen cabinets because we bought a house (OK an apartment)! Not officially (yet) but half our life savings is sitting in an escrow account, we have a loan commitment, and we found a contractor to help us with a little renovation. It's weird, strange, and exciting how everything is coming along.  

Our weekends have evolved.  We've been taking road trips to antique filled towns, paint shops, and Home Depot.  On Sunday I spent a couple of hours Mr. Cleaning the crap out of two vintage Bertoia for Knoll chairs that now look brand new (Mr. Clean magic erasers are actually magically). I've been dreaming on tulip tables and gold wallpaper and tile.   It's overwhelming, fun, and an incredible learning experience.    
dining room:
I'm fortunate that I have a sister who is an interior designer with the most excellent taste and access to all sorts of wonderful things.  Faucets in brass, cement bathroom tiles, fabrics that look like fluffy sheep, the list goes on. She's been great at helping my hone in on a vision and figure out how to optimize the space so it looks and feels the best.   And I'm hoping Mama Bear will give me two of her paintings (that I LOVE).  I keep dreaming about them on the wall.   I have a vision in my head and it looks so good.     

But the best part of all of this is building a home with Tyler and our pup.  Something that feels adultish with a dash of whimsy.   Tyler is really good at envisioning things, re-purposing things, and figuring out how to maximize what we already have.   He brings balance to the situation and (sometimes) a little balance is good.   

So in addition to food, I'm going to use this space to talk about renovations, the merits of honed vs. polished marble, how to find a good wallpaper installer, and so many other things.  It's going to be fun and probably a little messy, but we're excited.   Let the adventure begin.  

A Gray Apartment:


Alessandra Salaris — Beppe Brancato:

Prediction Confirmed: Here's the New Gray:

Bench/table/fur. @thecoveteur:

Its a modern version of what I have in my head, but this is almost exactly my dream bathroom.  Add a little Art Deco touches and voila! <3 :)    Läderfabriken Apartment Development / Stockholm, Sweden.:

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