Thursday, March 3, 2016

the home search begins.

Kitchen with black shelves via Fancy.:

Tyler and I have started to casually (or maybe not so casually since we did put an offer down which wasn't accepted) on buying an apartment.   It's funny how we've been together 10 years, gotten married, and adopted a dog and this feels so much more adultish then any of those things.  My parents have lived in the same house for the last 26ish years and in a lot of ways I feel like whatever we buy will be our forever home.  I like the idea of buying something that sees us through many many years.  I like the idea of something permanent.   

A lot of the design shows on TV focus on people flipping houses and maybe I have a romantic notion of what buying a house means, but I'm not looking to do that.  I'm looking to create roots and have something stable.  I want something that we will live in for a long while.  Something that requires (a tiny bit) of demo to turn it into our dream place.  Tyler and I both like fixing things (him at a much slower speed then me but that's OK (sometimes)) and we are trying to find something with good bones. Something that has character, is close to the park, and with some tender love and care, can be transformed into our dream space.  And if it happens to have three closets, well that may be the cherry on top.  

The plus side of all this has been talking design with him.  Leveraging Pinterest as a way to show him what I envision.  I've honestly found the whole process fun because I like the idea of us making a home together.  He's really good at seeing possibility and I'm really good at making that possibility look really freaking fabulous.   We've focused a lot of our attention on the kitchen because if there is any space I use a lot, it's the kitchen.  I have visions of white cabinets and poured concrete and I know I am getting way ahead of myself but I'm OK with that.  It's fun to think about.   I expect when this dream turns into a reality that I'll talk about the process in this space, but for now we are looking, and trying to find our home and I have a lot of inspiration photos so here's a handful of them.   

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Bench/table/fur. @thecoveteur:

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