Saturday, December 5, 2015

dear santa - my 2015 christmas wishlist.

It's funny, but as I've gotten older, I've wanted less stuff.  5 years ago I would have only considered something a gift if it came in a box and wrapped in a bow but now at 30, I feel comfortable with experiences as gifts or getting a single gift instead of a plethora of items.  I find experiences less stressful (they don't take up room in your apartment) and they are something to look forward to. Don't get me wrong, I still love beautiful objects (I'm looking at you my new Common Projects sneakers) but now when I want something I just buy it for myself because I can (except for the Celine bag I've been lusting over for about 2 years now...).

Yet Christmas isn't Christmas without there being at least one box for me under the tree.  For as long as I can remember I have always acted like a 7 year old come Christmas morning.  Waking up all my siblings, helping to sort gifts, there is something magical about it.  So I've rounded up a handful of items I would be more then happy to see on the morning of December 25th and for the most part, they are all practical, and they are all beautiful.  

1 - Gjelina Cookbook - Look, I like cookbooks.  I like referring to them and being inspired by them and curling up with a cup of tea and reading them front to back.  The Gjelina one is the one I am most excited about since they share my food philosophy - preparing vegetables in fun and innovative ways so you don't feel like you are eating vegetables.  I can't even begin to tell you how pumped I am to read it.

2 - Unreal Peanut Butter Cups - These are crack.  I read about them on NYMag and then found them at Whole Foods and now I am buying a pack a week.  They aren't cloyingly sweet the way Reese's are - instead they taste like real nut butters and real chocolate.  A novel concept when it comes to candy.  I'll take a box of 100 please (50 of the Almond Butter and Dark Chocolate and 50 of the Dark Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter cups).  THANKS!

3 - I have been on the hunt for what feels like a year now for a longer gold necklace. A necklace that is substantial but not obnoxiously so, modern and chic and not overly girly.  It has been an extremely difficult battle to find something that looks and feels right, but I think this Chloe necklace is it.  It's adjustable, gold, and graphic in a classic kind of way.  It will look good with a cashmere sweater now and a tee-shirt come summer and it is somehow both work and weekend appropriate.  It's also timeless which is something I look for when I buy jewelry (especially jewelry that costs more then $20).  I think it's love.

4 - I plan on repainting our bathroom this winter (yes Tyler, it's happening) and in doing so, feel strongly about replacing the bathmat we have since no matter how many times we wash it, it always looks dirty (note, never buying an off-white or white bath mat again).  My sister the ever knowledgeable interior designer suggested we paint the space the same color as the floor (to make it feel bigger!) and use accessories to add color/patterns to the space.  I am taking her advice (she has very good taste) and think this bath mat or this one could be a nice addition to the space.   

5 - Is it weird to ask for tahini?  If so I don't care.  I've read that this stuff makes all other tahini taste like garbage and considering how often I use tahini, I think using the best of the best is the only logical thing to do.

6 - Ever since our wedding (and browsing for plateware) I've developed an absurd love affair with ceramics.  I like that even when not in use (i.e. a vase without flowers) they still add a beautiful element to the home.  I've been hunting almost exclusive for a beautiful ceramic vase and the work of Romy Northover has stolen my heart.  Her vases are simple yet special and I would love to have one in our apartment.  Something like this, this, or this

7 - Do you know how difficult it is to find good rain boots?  It is a lot more difficult then it should be.  In New York the default rain boot is the tall Hunter ones but I personally can't pull them off.  I much prefer an ankle boot (practical in the winter and the spring).  My current pair is currently nearing it's death (it did survive a hurricane) and it's time for me to wear something that isn't completely ripped.  These Rag and Bone boots are on the pricier side but my god are they chic and they don't scream rain boot (to note -all reviews say to size down if you are a half size)!   

8 - Apparently it only took Tyler and I being together for 10 years for his do-gooder ways to rub off on me.  If you are looking to donate to charities City Harvest (which collects food from restaurants that would have been thrown away to serve to the needy) and Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue are two of my personal favorites.  Or you can adopt a puppy for me from Badass, I am totally OK with that.  

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