Wednesday, August 19, 2015

latest obsessions.

1 - This plate (or should I say set of plates) which may be the greatest antique find of my life.  When Tyler took my to Hudson, NY for my Birthday earlier this summer we visited the Rhinebeck Antique center on our way back home.  As a child I hated antique shopping but as an adult I'm happy my parents instilled in me a love for old things.  These plates were spotted in one of the booths and they are everything I love.  Gold and black marble? Can I get a hell yes?  

2 - Superiority Burger.  This post says it all.   

3 - I've developed an absurd obsession with Podcasts.  Most conversations with Tyler now start with "So I was listening to a podcast and...".  Current favorites include Slate's Working which is all about people's jobs and what their day to day looks like and Start-Up which gives an insider look at starting a company.  

4 - These JCrew tank tops which are the best tank tops I've come across in a long time.  Thicker cotton, breathable, and versatile.  What more could you want?   

5 - Tyler and I started the latest HBO miniseries Show Me A Hero and so far we love it.  It's by the same director as the Wire (BEST SHOW EVER) and is all about the building of low income housing in Yonkers in the Eighties. Incredibly interesting and very well-done.  

6 -  My favorite look as of late is a sparkly over the top earring with jeans and a tee-shirt.  If you are looking to copy the look, might I suggest these

7 - The Bon Appetit list of top 50 restaurants.  My food list for Portland and Seatle was long before, it's even longer now (must walk 10 miles a day).  Super excited to see a couple from Maine as well (Tandem Bakery is one of my personal favorites as evidenced by the fact that I made my in-laws go there to buy me more of there amazing banana bread and chocolate chip cookies).  

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