Friday, May 15, 2015

our wedding.

When I hear Beyonce's "XO" I am at our wedding.  I am standing arm in arm with my father.  I am nervous (heart beating out of my chest kind of nervous) and I am watching my best friends get ready to walk down the aisle.  As they get ready to walk out they smile, they give me a thumb's up, they remind me to breathe, and they tell me I've got this.

That feeling of happiness, of being surrounded by a blanket of comfort and security, of being loved, will sit with me for the rest of my life. There is nothing I remember more vividly then the 2 minutes before I walked down the aisle.   I wouldn't trade anything for that.

After what felt in some ways like an eternity - in other ways like the blink of an eye - we got back our wedding pictures.  When I saw them for the first time I wept like a baby, seeing those once in a lifetime moments before me again is incredibly beautiful. Needless to say, I feel protective over the pictures - the visual reminders of that day. They show a glace, and a look, and the fact that I've never looked happier than I did on our wedding day. When word spread to the extended family that the pictures were in I found myself not willing to reveal the whole album. I liked the idea of having some remain a secret between Tyler and I - there were some moments that I couldn't imagine sharing with the world.

But there were plenty of moments that are beautiful and worth sharing.  Moments that remind me that hard work is worth it.  That the blood, sweat, money (hard earned money), and (many) tears that I/we invested in that day weren't for nothing, that baking 100 cookies the morning before your wedding isn't entirely crazy (just a little crazy) - so here is a glimpse at all of that on our 6 month anniversary.

I was (and still am in someways) apprehensive of sharing these images.  People judge, they critique, they can be mean, and I don't want people thinking mean things about something that is so deeply personal to me, to us. But Tyler and I worked hard to turn our big day into something people would remember and feel happy they were part of and I couldn't be more proud of the work that we did (and our awesome team of people did) - it was beautiful and romantic and very us.

So enjoy! And our wedding advice - Do your own thing whatever that thing may be.  Serve Fireball.  And dance. Dance a lot.  

The Team of Awesome who helped make this all possible...

-Photos by the incredibly talented (and fun!) Sarah and Daniel at Chellise Michael.  
-Flowers, overall look, and incredible day of coordinator was Paige at Gilded Lily Events.  
-The dress (which is really a bustier and 2 skirts because I had a dream I wore I tea-length tulle skirt at my wedding) is curtosey of the incredibly talented team at Carol Hannah Bridal.
-The venue is actually a photo/video studio called Parlay Studios in Downtown Jersey City.
-Catering was done by the team at Orange and Olive.    
-Napkins were designed by the Mama Bear. 
-Cake is Momofuku and One Girl Cookies.  
-Doughnuts are by Dough (the best).  
-Cookies were made with love by me and the Mama.  
-Cake topper by AdoraWools.  

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