Thursday, February 19, 2015

nashville (looking for tips).

I do well when I have things to plan and look forward to.  I like goals and the idea of moving towards things.  Last year I was spoiled with a lot of planning (Wedding! Honeymoon! Life in general!) and this year I've felt a little lost.  So after stalking Google flights I finally pulled the trigger and booked Tyler and I a flight to Nashville. 

I've been dying to visit Nashville for awhile now it just exudes casual coolness.  It doesn't hurt that they have a food called "hot chicken" which I am basically dreaming of eating.  It's essentially spicy fried chicken WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE?!

So if you have any suggestions - sites to see (I have the Belmont Mansion on my list), shopping, or food tips, please share.  I will be dieting from now until March 13th so I can eat massive amounts of chicken and biscuits - totally worth it.   

Image via Bon Appetit.

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