Saturday, May 18, 2013

shaved asparagus pizza is back.

Asparagus have arrived at the farmer's markets in droves and I have found myself consuming them at almost every meal.  They are wonderful in warm salads of diced eggs and crunchy croutons with a sherry vinaigrette    They are also superb when diced into bite size pieces and folded into scrambled eggs with goat cheese.  I also will always fall hard for roasted asparagus that require nothing more then a sprinkle of sea salt, fresh pepper, and olive oil.   While all of those are great there may be nothing better then eating them shredded atop (white) pizza.  I discussed the merits of this dish last year and if you didn't make it then I highly suggest you make it now while they are still in season.  This is beautiful dish (it always feels like the Jackson Pollack of food to me) with the mingling of sweet, salty, and spicy.  It's creamy and crunch and all around perfect.  I made it once this week and you can pretty much guarantee it will be made once a week until asparagus are gone.   Oh and the honey I tell you to sprinkle on top is completely necessary.  You can always use regular honey but as a super proponent (and it also being one of my most used ingredients) I highly recommend buying Mikes Hot Honey.  You will find yourself using it all the time.  

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